City of a Thousand Deaths

Session Summary 2: April 25th, 2009

Insects, Kobolds, and Filth

After a successful battle with a group of beetles infesting a collapsed section of the sewer, the group found themselves no closer to their goal of tracking down the group of thugs responsible for the assasination of Berran Ironhouse. They did recover the body of a fallen dwarf warrior, and gave him an impromptu burial in the rubble. The armor he used, fire resistant as it was, did not save him from the beetles, but perhaps it would serve Orthik better.

Ultimately it did, but not before the group got itself hopelessly lost in the labyrinthian sewer complex. What’s worse, the prolonged exposure to the noxious fumes was making everyone ill, with the exception of the impossibly resiliant Calvia Kessemer, who managed to take even exposure to disease in stride.

While the group failed to find its way to safety, or to track down the thugs, they did stumble on a small stronghold of kobolds, situated in an old complex of some kind with the sewer flowing around it. Seeing an opportunity to seize a safe resting place, they attacked. Ryeltar bluffed the kobolds long enough to cause them to lower their defenses for a moment, for fear of a drow attack. A moment was all Orthik and Calvia needed. They leapt past the traps and obstacles the kobolds had erected to deter attackers and smashed the defenders in the first redoubt. Steeped in cunning, the kobolds lead a flanking action, but Gidder and Ryeltar repeled it with force, acid, and conjured clouds of daggers. At the end of the battle, the group held a part of the kobold stronghold, but as they paused to catch their breath, they could hear the counter-attack coming.


Hey what ever happened to Disky… is HE NOT an essential and vital member of our team?!?


Ah, the Talented Mr. Disky. How could I have forgotten? He can at least rest easy in knowing that he’s as covered in filth as the rest of you.

Roane242 MrNummi

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