The Dock Ward

An eclectic array of sights, smells and filth, crammed against the waterfront by a tangle of warehouses, inns, taverns and the offices of the shipping concerns. The wharf runs along the harbor, where warehouses dominate the ward side of the street, and tall ships, pinnances, fishing boats, and longships fight for berths at docks crammed three deep with vessels from across the Realms. Deeper in the ward, the warehouses and offices give way to slums, where halflings and humans eke out a living doing menial labor and robbing each other of their few coins. Street vendors sell greasy fish cakes, acrid stews, and foods pulled from the harbor on the sides of crowded streets, with grocers and store fronts tucked alongside the ropemakers and canvas cutters that keep the harbor running. Half a dozen gangs vie to control crime throughout the ward, and the contest turns to knives in the alleys with alarming frequency. Visitors to the Dock Ward can come away with a belly full of cheap fish and cheaper wine, but if they’re not careful all they’ll leave with is a belly full of steel. “Welcome to the Dock Wards,” goes the saying. “Try not to drown.”


The Sleeping Serpent Inn

The Gutted Fish

The Dock Ward

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