The South Ward

In Waterdeep, trade flows from two hubs: the Dock Ward by sea, and the South Ward by land. Everything the Dock Ward does for ships, the South Ward does for caravans, and the makeup of the ward reflects it. Caravan yards, wainwrights, and merchant houses can be found in abundance, along with the workshops guild halls of the professionals who live off the caravan trades: wainwrights, liveries, coopers, mercenary houses, and drovers can be found in abundance here, along with wholesalers occupying entire rows of warehouses, selling off the fruits of a dozen caravans a day to businessmen and craftsmen who will turn the products into finished goods, or simply turn around and sell their purchases at a mark-up in other parts of the city.

Unlike the Dock Ward, the South Ward is well-policed and relatively safe. It’s widely considered the common man’s quarter, as honest tradesmen and craftspeople can make a good living plying their trade and afford modest housing for their families along the wards many residential sidestreets. Where the Dock Ward house tenements, the South Ward has apartments; and more than a few successful craftsmen have built or purchased homes in the ward. The people of the South Ward are racially diverse, and tend to live in small, homogenous enclaves, but by and large the people of the ward see themselves as honest, hard working people, of whatever race.


The Adventurers Quarter

The South Ward

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